Lighting Design

Language of Light: Using Visuals to Communicate Culture
By Adrian Gates · February 1, 2018 • In modern worship, we can use visual language that draws upon 2,000 years of church history, and generations of culture.

Transforming Your Space by Reflecting Light
By Adam Dye · December 14, 2017 • Wood, Coroplast, and fabric aren’t the only materials that will catch and reflect light. A trip to the home center will provide you with plenty of inspiration to offer a variety of simple tools that can yield amazing results when hit with light.

Role Of The Lighting Director: Don’t Be Fearful of New Ideas
By Greg Saffles · June 30, 2017 • No matter the medium, the lighting director exists to come alongside others to create an environment that is conducive to a worship gathering.

Lighting Design: It’s Not the Light, It’s Where You Put It
By Greg Saffles · May 29, 2017 • In general, you want your fixtures to be placed at a 45-degree angle from the subject. Higher than this, and you will end up with unflattering shadows.

Lighting Design: The Basics Behind Which Fixtures Support the Best Visuals
By Steven Hall · May 16, 2017 • Among the different types of lights available to you, the most important aspect to nearly every design I complete is the back light.

Lighting the Video Shoot: Learn That Last 20 Percent
By Kevin Penrod · December 6, 2016 • Experience is the best teacher in our world, but that doesn’t mean you should not do your research and benefit from the experience others have already gone through.

Lighting is the Key
By Ralph Hicks · September 22, 2016 • What if I told you, that you don’t need new cameras, just good lighting?

No Longer A Myth: Bright Warm White LED Fixtures
By Duke DeJong · August 1, 2016 • It's finally time to start rethinking our approach to theatrical lighting fixtures, as more fixtures keep coming out and they keep getting better with more features for the money.

With Lighting, My Goal as An Artist: To Make Others See God
By Kevin Penrod · April 1, 2016 • I think many lighting designers often become more focused on the technical side and forget that what we do is just as much an art form as the worship team on the stage.

Learning the Basics Behind Lighting Your Worship Space
By Ralph Hicks · March 23, 2016 • It all starts with lighting in the space, such as how bright it is and how does it change during the program.

Let There Be Light!
By Mike Edwards. · February 17, 2016 • Churches now have more options than ever before when it comes to stage lighting, and that’s a good thing.

Lighting 101: Putting a Church Stage Lighting System Together
By TD Staff · May 10, 2015 • This final installment of Lighting 101 brings all aspects of church lighting together.

Win the Battle for Energy Efficiency at Your Church
By Joel Shore · April 13, 2015 • In this era of escalating energy costs, every penny conserved through the avoidance of needless spending or consumption grows increasingly valuable.

Why Stage Lighting is Important to Your Worship Facility
By Lauren Campbell · March 30, 2015 • Stage lighting is something ministries cannot pass over if they want to have an effective setup for their worship stage. It will help enhance the experience the audience receives in many ways.

The Pastor’s Guide to Lighting
By Jim Kumorek · January 12, 2015 • How lighting (both good and bad!) affects your church services.

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