Pastor Relies on Video Recordings to Maintain His Presence at Church
By Dan Daley · May 23, 2013 • Prayer Tower Church in Illinois depends on their A/V-oriented sanctuary to hold services no matter where their pastor is.

DSE 2013 - Video Wall Lineup That Pushes All of the Boundaries
By TD Staff · March 12, 2013 • DSE 2013 featured many video walls that are coming down in price making them an option for any facility looking to deliver a huge impact with digital signage messaging -- from higher education and corporate campuses to health care, to hotels, casinos and restaurants. LED backlighting LCD technology is being used to increase power efficiency. Check out video wall displays shown at the Digital Signage Expo 2013: LG, NEC, ViewSonic, Samsung, NanoLumens, Panasonic, Philips, Planar, Christie Digital, DynaScan, Sharp and Mitsubishi

DSE 2013 - Cindy Davis’ Take on Day One of the Digital Signage Expo
By TD Staff · February 28, 2013 • Digital Signage Expo or DSE 2013 as it is known kicked off with a great start. Here are editor-in-chief, Cindy Davis' first take on day one. Multi-touch, 4K digital signage displays, content management systems, outdoor digital signage for menus and wayfinding, transparent displays, and much more from companies such as Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Planar, SunBrite, Planar and Crimson AV.

Digital Signage Expo Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Sets New Records
By TD Staff · February 28, 2013 • Chris Gibbs, President of Digital Signage Expo opened the first day of the 2013 show with a press conference commemorating its 10th anniversary and celebrating its largest show with 211 exhibitors and 69,000 square-feet of floor space. Every major display manufacturer of digital signage was represented from LG, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, NEC, Planar, Panasonic, NanoLumens, AVI-SPL, Christie Digital, Mitsubishi as well as big names such as Intel, Cisco and many content providers.

DSE 2013 to Exhibit the Latest Digital Signage Technology
By TD Staff · February 15, 2013 • A preview of some of the products you'll see at Digital Signage Expo 2013, February 27-28, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

7 Tips for Buying a Digital Signage Flat Panel Display
By Joy Zaccaria · February 4, 2013 • 7 buying tips for what you need to know in choosing a digital signage flat panel display for corporate, retail, schools and other commercial environments. Commercial or consumer grade? A commercial monitor can be mounted landscape or in portrait mode, whereas consumer televisions cannot. Find out more about the differences.

Mitsubishi’s “Cloud” Projector Puts an End to the Most Common AV/IT Help Desk Call
By TD Staff · January 29, 2013 • Announced at FETC 2013. For corporate conference rooms, K-12 classrooms, campuses and universities, Mitsubishi's WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw, DLP Projector promises to end the age-old, "The projector isn't connecting to my computer," AV/IT help desk call. This projector has a thin client built-in that connects to servers or computers via a LAN or the Internet for presenters to access their content in the cloud. This is being call a Cloud Projector.

Special Report: Digital Signage Flat Panels — Commercial vs. Consumer Displays
By TD Staff · January 22, 2013 • Download this TechDecisions Special Report to learn everything you need to know on how to choose a digital signage flat panel display for your corporate business. 7 buying tips. Which commercial situations might be okay for a consumer display. Why the manufacturer’s warranty is so important with digital signage displays. Life expectancy of a digital signage displays in various situations.

TechDecisions Guide to 12 Business Projectors and Important Considerations Prior to Purchase
By Dave Sniadak · November 26, 2012 • For the best projector for your business, pay close attention to lumens, sound capability, beaming slides both backward and forward and support for multiple inputs. Check out these projectors from Hitachi, InFocus, Mitsubishi, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Dell, NEC, and Panasonic

Mitsubishi Electric WD8200U/LU Projector Offers Image Correction and Durability
By TechDecisions · August 29, 2012 • The Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. WD8200U/LU projector offers durability and a long-lasting package. At 6500 lumens, the product has a 1280 x 800 native resolution with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. The unit ships with all required cables.

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Improved Projector Line with New WD720U and XD700U Models
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · July 2, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. upgrades its WD720U and XD700U projectors. These models are for easy setup and low operating cost.

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Its First Ever Interactive Projectors
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. launched its first mirror-less interactive projector design that provides dual pen support in two new 3D-ready models.

Mitsubishi Electric Presents its New High-Performance, Large-Venue Projectors
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. recently announced its new XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U high-brightness LCD projectors designed for large venues such as meeting rooms, church sanctuaries, museums and auditoriums.

Mitsubishi Electric Projectors Occupy Three of the Top Five Positions in Sales
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • According to Pacific Media Associates’ (PMA), in the Top Projectors list of leading unit sales in December, 2011 for High-End Projectors in the 5000+ lumens category, three were taken by Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric, IAdea, CyberTouch Exhibit Advanced Functionality
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. had its latest commercial-grade flat-panel displays joined with IAdea’s newest media players and advanced multi-touch screen capabilities by CyberTouch on display at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

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