Soundcraft Ui24r Review: Ideal Choice for Musicians on the Move
By Adrian Gates · May 10, 2018 • The Ui software far surpassed my initial expectations. The way the user can page from managing preamps, to working the main mix, to adjusting an aux bus is easy and natural.

Mixing for Streaming: Aiming for Smooth, Consistent Broadcast Audio
By Debbie Keough · May 10, 2018 • If you have assembled your final mix from your FOH console or even a dedicated broadcast room, begin to study the recorded mix in as many types of listening spaces you expect your viewer to listen from.

Portable Sound Systems: Flexibility, Options Key To Right Setup
By TD Staff · June 5, 2017 • If we choose our portable systems wisely, we can turn these quick setups, that can sometimes be distracting, into an atmosphere that will engage the audience.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sound System Engineering
By Ralph Hicks · April 20, 2017 • All you need to do is set up all of the instruments (a voice is an instrument) so that they sound the way that they should, and blend with the other instruments ... Easy … right?

Mixing For Streaming: Finding The Right Levels For Music, Speech
By Brad Duryea · June 22, 2016 • One of the bigger challenges is finding the right mix in the venue live, but then a much different one for streaming.

Going Digital … But No Mega-Mixer Required
By Andres Caamano · December 28, 2015 • For churches who are only now opting to change to digital audio, a four-channel mixer might be all that's needed.

Top Audio Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Is purchasing a digital mixer a move that’s best for your church?

Roland Introduces Compact M-5000C Live Mixing Console
By TD Staff · August 12, 2015 • Roland’s Professional A/V division announces the M-5000C Live Mixing Console. The M-5000C is the newest addition to the growing line of O.H.R.C.A.-based consoles from Roland that provide powerful features at an affordable price point.

Willow Creek Community Church Simplifies Audio Routing with Dante Media Networking
By TD Staff · July 31, 2015 • Audinate’s industry leading networking solution Dante helped Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago metro area house of worship solve the problem of distributing high-quality audio to close to 20,000 congregants each week.

DiGiGrid Is Now Shipping the DiGiGrid IOC Audio Interface
By TD Staff · July 10, 2015 • The DiGiGrid IOC SoundGrid audio interface gives you the flexible I/O you need in your control room is ready to integrate with the rest of your studio gear. The DiGiGrid IOC audio interface is the perfect way to connect to your SoundGrid DSP network from your control room.

Haiti’s New Cathedral Depends on Ashly
By TD Staff · July 9, 2015 • In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, which killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed the infrastructure of its major cities, new construction is renewing hope among the Haitian people, albeit slowly.

Ohio’s Faith Family Church Selects FOR A Video Switcher as Part of HD Transition
By TD Staff · June 30, 2015 • Faith Family Church has a team of 70 volunteers, and five of them work directly with the FOR-A 2M/E HVS-390HS and operate the board during productions. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the volunteers easily learned how to operate the switcher. The house of worship also relies on its full-time creative team to produce great content, including in-house graphics and video production staff.

Digital Audio Labs Responds to Church Needs
By TD Staff · June 25, 2015 • The Livemix personal monitor system has proven to be the most innovative personal monitor system on the market today. Its ease of use has made it popular with non-technical performers, while professionals and experienced users appreciate the depth of features the system offers.

IK Multimedia is now shipping iRig UA
By TD Staff · June 11, 2015 • IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that iRig UA, the first digital effects processor and audio interface that gives guitarists, bass players and other musicians everything they need for rock solid performances, is now available at retailers worldwide and from the IK online store.

Mackie’s Redesigned And Expanded ProFX Series Now Shipping
By TD Staff · June 9, 2015 • Mackie announces the immediate availability of ProFXv2 Series Professional Effects Mixers. The redesigned ProFXv2 series features an all-new preamp design and powerful new effects engine, delivering unmatched sonic performance for live sound applications.

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