The Role of an Audio Director: Work at Growing Members’ Walk With Christ
By David Leuschner · March 23, 2018 • What you do in your personal life counts. It makes a difference in how you act and interact with others around you. Those interactions change how you mix, and they also affect how others mix.

New Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 Offers PM10 User Experience
By TD Staff · February 7, 2018 • With 120 input channels, 60 mix buses, 24 matrices, and a comprehensive selection of 48 top-quality plug-ins, the PM7 provides a mixing capacity comparable to the PM10.

Audio Mixing Consoles: Focus On Budget, Functionality, End User
By Sebashtian Warrick · October 24, 2017 • Functionality is a huge part of what you will spend your time looking at as you decide to upgrade. Just make sure to do your research and plan for the future, not the present.

Remember, Practice for Church Makes Permanent
By Curt Taipale · August 25, 2017 • The most effective thing any church sound mixer can do to improve their contribution to the worship service, is to practice with the worship team regularly.

Four Reasons Every New Sound Tech Should Begin On Stage
By Chris Huff · August 22, 2017 • Enhancing the understanding of key technical concepts is ideal for the new tech, as well as learning the importance of relationships.

Seeking A Clean, Clear Mix for In-Ears
By Harry Timothee · November 23, 2016 • With a stereo mix, you are able to add panning techniques that will assist with separation of instruments or voices within the mix.

Sound Check and Rehearsals: Building Relationships
By Ralph Hicks · October 26, 2016 • Our job is to give the stage what they need without detracting from the sound in the house.

I Can’t Hear Anything!
By Duke DeJong · October 24, 2016 • Problems with hearing the mix at concerts often are tied to what many churches experience: lousy monitors.

Going the Distance For Your Mix
By Duke DeJong · August 31, 2016 • If the mix is only good at FOH, who are you really serving? Aim to have your mix engage more people in worship.

Live Streaming: Fix the Mix on a Shoestring Budget
By Michael Scott · July 1, 2016 • Broadcast audio is a different animal from live audio, with ambient sound all around you being a key difference during service, versus listening at home.

WFX15 PowerPoint-Audio Session, Recording Live Video For Everyone
By TD Staff · April 1, 2016 • The goal of this workshop was to provide a working knowledge of camera and crew and to explore the various shots necessary to capture a live event for audio, video, and lights.

10 Mixing Lies You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself
By Chris Huff · February 11, 2016 • There are the lies that you tell yourself over and over. You don’t learn. You can’t move on. Your work suffers.

Nathan Williams: Mixing For the Masses
By Nathan Williams · January 28, 2016 • The technical director at Victory World Church in Atlanta writes about the need to listen to various styles of music to help in mixing tracks that you may not normally listen to or mix for.

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