Looking to Set Up Streaming This Fall? Don’t Rush It
By Andres Caamano · August 21, 2017 • It also may seem feasible that one can roll out a streaming plan with virtually no budget, but it is best to look to include at least a small budget to implement such a plan.

Who’s Leading and Who’s Managing?
By Lee Varian · June 27, 2016 • Those who are usually at the top of the org chart for church multi-sites need to function both as leaders and managers for the whole team.

Is Becoming a Multi-Site Church Right for Your Ministry?
By TD Staff · May 6, 2016 • If launching one or more additional campuses is on the radar for your church, here’s a brief look at some areas to consider to help you develop a multi-site plan.

Setting the Standard for Multi-Site Success
By Justin Firesheets · March 18, 2016 • When launching a new campus, it’s critical that churches take the necessary steps with staffing and budget to ensure a high-quality experience is being created.

Tech Leader Spotlight: Greg Baker of Saddleback Church
By TD Staff · December 22, 2014 • Greg Baker serves as Global Tech Director at Saddleback Church in California. We caught up with him at WFX to learn more about what he does.

Tech Leader Spotlight: David Leuschner of Gateway Church
By TD Staff · November 24, 2014 • Gateway Church has over 28,000 attendees each weekend across it's five campuses. David Leuschner oversees Technology and Technical Arts, with a volunteer team of over 800. Learn more about how he manages his role.

Dual-Screen Satellite Transmission Enhances Services at Lives Changed by Christ Church
By TD Staff · November 17, 2014 • Most satellite delivery solutions offer a single-screen transmission for multi-site churches; when LCBC needed dual-screen transmission, Ka You Communications was up to the task.

Bringing New Life To An Old Sanctuary
By WTD Staff · November 6, 2014 • When FBC Rogers moved to a new campus and their original location didn't sell, they decided to retrofit it for a contemporary feel.

Free Chapel Brings The Message From Multi-Site To Worldwide
By TD Staff · October 30, 2014 • Free Chapel recently overhauled their video system to meet their ministry goals, enabling them to reach thousands through multi-site streaming and TV and online broadcast.

Going Mobile: What You Need to Know Before Developing Your Church’s App
By Dan Daley · November 5, 2013 • Salvation? We have an app for that. Well, in a less snarky manner of speaking, the app has become the latest element of connected media to infiltrate worship technology culture. Churches are developing and using apps (shorthand for applications, software developed for highly specific purposes and generally for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets) for a variety of uses, from the distribution of sermons and other educational content to keeping groups within the church connected. However, like many technology propositions that have made their way into houses of worship, mobile apps can be complex. App software is very much centered on the user experience (UX) as well as the quality of its content. These, according to Chris Sharpe, director of marketing and business development at Subsplash, the Seattle company that markets The Church App, are two keys to creating successful apps.

Forest Hill Church Chooses Physical Media for Multi-site Content Distribution
By Dan Daley · October 9, 2013 • In May of 2012, we spoke with Peter McKenzie, production director for Forest Hill Church, which was about to open its third satellite location, all of which are in and around Charlotte, NC. Driven by a growing membership, the church was making substantial investments into A/V/L technology, but unlike many of its mega-church peers, Forest Hills had opted not to take the streaming route to distribute its Sunday services among its locations. Instead, they chose to install high-definition projection and advanced sound reinforcement systems to play back recordings of the main church’s Saturday night services on the satellite churches’ complex three-screen video configurations.

How a Multi-site Church Solved Simulcast Issues With Fiber
By TD Staff · September 24, 2013 • The strength of a church’s network means the difference between a smooth simulcast or simulcast plagued by distortion, jitter and poor lip-syncing. The Church Without Walls, a multi-site church in Houston Texas with three campuses, knows the downfalls of a poor network. After experiencing constant disappointment with a previous network provider, the church turned to Masergy for a new managed network focused specifically on distributing video content. The new MPLS over Fiber gave The Church Without Walls more control over Bandwidth usage and segregation for multiple VPNs for enhanced network access and performance across the main campus and subsequent video venues.

Special Report - Video Projection Planning for Multi-site Churches
By TD Staff · September 18, 2013 • Download: Special Report: Video Projection Planning for Multi-site Churches is packed with advice to help you plan your multi-site church. Live Streaming vs. Delayed Sermons; Finding the Best Presentation Method; Choosing a Projector for the Size of the Sanctuary; Determining the Best Size to Project Your Image on the Screen; Managing a Satellite Campus; Sizing Your Deployment; Upgrading Current Systems; Great Installation Tips and a lot more!

The Multi-site Model: How to Support Multiple Campuses with Video Technology
By TD Staff · August 15, 2013 • Not only does the multi-site model encourage community between satellite campuses and dedicated audiences elsewhere, planning for multi-site guarantees that your church has the capability to grow as it needs. Not every church can afford to purchase a new facility or undergo construction every time their congregation grows beyond their physical space. The multi-site model is a worthwhile option for not only increasing the appeal of your facility, but the growing trend adds the versatility your campus might need to continue to expand your congregation thanks to the convenience and cohesion it makes possible.

Planning a Multisite Church — Expert Advice
By TD Staff · October 20, 2012 • Check out how three churches increased membership, attendance and fostered a greater sense of community through creating multisite churches. Learn what AV technical directors and IT managers have to employ as they adapt new AV technology for to serve the needs of a multisite church. Understand the challenges of streaming media done well as well as other key considerations including HD cameras, projectors, speakers and more.

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