DMX Control: In Planning System, Look to IP, Wireless As Options
By David Leuschner · February 9, 2018 • With the DMX protocol, there are so many possibilities, ranging from controlling video servers to your effect devices, and much more.

Video Streaming Providers: Let You Be You
By Tim Dougherty · June 26, 2017 • In helping people all over the world design video streaming solutions, I too often will hear people say things like, "We absolutely have to be broadcasting in 4k at 10 Mbps" or "Our boss wants us on Facebook Live."

Featured Product: Network Thermostat CloudConnect
By TD Staff · December 8, 2014 • The CloudConnect service from NetworkThermostat enables users of Net/X Wi-Fi and Ethernet smart thermostats to monitor and control their Net/X smart thermostats over the Internet.

Building Systems Winners: Worship Facilities New Product Awards
By TD Staff · October 2, 2014 • The 2014 Worship Facilities New Product Award winners were announced at the WFX Block Party on Oct. 1 in Dallas.

Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Building Systems
By TD Staff · September 30, 2014 • Entrants in the building systems category of the Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards, the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market

Putting the Digital Signage Team Together
By Perry Goldstein · February 10, 2014 • Developing a team for digital signage needs to start before installation. Your team will include your integrator, your digital signage champion, your content manager and your IT department.

Connectors — Overlooked Essentials for Building the Audiovisual System
By Ken Erdmann · January 10, 2014 • Connectors are critical pieces of any audiovisual system. Knowing the different pieces is important to your construction plan.

What You Need to Know to Make Decisions About Web Streaming Services and Devices
By George Tucker, CTS · December 31, 2013 • A step-by-step understanding of live Web streaming from a CTS. From IP, ISPs, CDNs, PoPs, VSTs and whether to go pro or DIY. Understanding how to measure the venue. Plus a look at some popular products.

Xirrus Announces Dual-802.11ac Radio Access Point
By TD Staff · October 10, 2013 • Xirrus has announced the XR-630802.11ac access point (AP) featuring ACExpress -- a Xirrus service that intelligently separates high-speed from lower-speed mobile devices to maximize system performance. The XR-630 provides a cloud-managed, expansion of the Xirrus 802.11ac portfolio that also includes Xirrus' line of modular, upgradeable line of XR Arrays. The XR-630 features two radios capable of supporting the new 802.11ac standard, allowing organizations to provide performance well beyond that of 802.11n and enabling mobile users to experience application performance comparable to that of a wired network according to the company.

How a Multi-site Church Solved Simulcast Issues With Fiber
By TD Staff · September 24, 2013 • The strength of a church’s network means the difference between a smooth simulcast or simulcast plagued by distortion, jitter and poor lip-syncing. The Church Without Walls, a multi-site church in Houston Texas with three campuses, knows the downfalls of a poor network. After experiencing constant disappointment with a previous network provider, the church turned to Masergy for a new managed network focused specifically on distributing video content. The new MPLS over Fiber gave The Church Without Walls more control over Bandwidth usage and segregation for multiple VPNs for enhanced network access and performance across the main campus and subsequent video venues.

The AV and IT Conversion Conversation
By George Tucker, CTS · May 13, 2013 • AV on the IT network is commonplace in facilities. In some colleges and universities this conversion is old hat, in other organizations the departments are still in a turf battle over an inevitable union.

L-Acoustics Announces LA Network Manager Update
By TD Staff · April 17, 2013 • The company's latest version and firmware update is available now.

How to Prepare Your Network for Post-Holiday BYOD and the Top 25 Wi-Fi Devices This Season
By Chrissy Winske · December 20, 2012 • Tips from an IT pro on how to prepare your wireless network for post-holiday BYOD, including planning for density on the network, managing applications and access to resources on your network, and creating a BYOD and user policy for employees.

Hillcrest Covenant Church’s Streaming Goes Mobile
By Dan Daley · November 7, 2012 • Hillcrest Covenant Church bring it satellite extension church into the fold with streaming that supports mobile devices.

How to Use QR Codes in Digital Signage
By Aaron Stern · September 25, 2012 • QR codes have made their way into digital signage. Follow these three rules to ensure their successful implementation into your digital signage network.

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