Concert-Quality Sound Begins With A Technology Master Plan
By TD Staff · October 16, 2014 • Like many churches facing growth, Black Rock Congregational was tasked with having to deliver both traditional and contemporary services in the same facility.

TechDecisions Guide to 28 Short-throw and Ultra-short-throw Projectors
By Joe Paone · January 24, 2014 • The flexibility of projectors is growing rapidly. Wherever your space, there is a projector to fit. Short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors are perfect options for small or short spaces. They also solve some time-honored negative aspects of projection buy solving instances of shadow and glare. In addition, see the specs for 24 short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors. Get the details on projectors from Asus, BenQ, Casio, Dell, Epson, Dukane, Infocus, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optima, Ricoh, Sharp, Sony, ViewSonic

2014 TechDecisions Guide to 28 Pico Projectors
By George Tucker · December 27, 2013 • 2014 product guide to 28 pico projectors. Under 1,000 lumens, but these ultra portable projectors go where you need them and can project a surprisingly large image. Pico projectors are super useful for smaller-sized environments, impromptu meetings and for traveling. There are a multitude of products out there so your choice really depends on your application.

Guide to Choosing a Short-throw or Ultra-short-throw Projector
By TD Staff · October 16, 2013 • Download this free guide on How to Choose a Short-throw or Ultra-short-throw Projector and learn what you need to know to make the best purchasing decision for your classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms and huddle rooms. These fixed or portable projectors solve a host of problems by removing shadows and glare issues from the equation entirely because they can be mounted or placed very close to the screen. Learn key points to look for such as the right amount of lumens needed for your room based on the ambient light, how to determine throw distance from the projector to the screen, interactive pens and whiteboards, Internet connectivity and the specs. We provide a link to a great online throw distance calculator and room positioning simulator to help you choose the right projector model for your space.

Christie Digital Illuminates Worship Event with Projection Solutions
By TD Staff · October 1, 2013 • Christie Digital is lighting up Dallas as the company displays its projection solutions at the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX). House of worship technologies range from indoor to outdoor solutions for various spaces within facilities.

Special Report - Video Projection Planning for Multi-site Churches
By TD Staff · September 18, 2013 • Download: Special Report: Video Projection Planning for Multi-site Churches is packed with advice to help you plan your multi-site church. Live Streaming vs. Delayed Sermons; Finding the Best Presentation Method; Choosing a Projector for the Size of the Sanctuary; Determining the Best Size to Project Your Image on the Screen; Managing a Satellite Campus; Sizing Your Deployment; Upgrading Current Systems; Great Installation Tips and a lot more!

NEC Announces New V Series Projectors for Small Meeting Rooms
By Chrissy Winske · September 17, 2013 • NEC has announced two new projectors: the V311X (XGA) and the V311W (WXGA) for classrooms and small meeting rooms. Both offer 3100 lumens and power saving options.

InFocus Announces the Release of Two New Short-throw Projectors
By TD Staff · September 13, 2013 • InFocus, a manufacturer of interactive touch screen devices and digital display technology, has released two new ultra-short-throw projectors. The projectors, the IN134UST and IN136UST, are designed with an ultra-short-throw lens, for projection when installed only inches from the wall.

Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors
By TD Staff · September 10, 2013 • Download this free Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors. Many projectors are now equipped with built-in software and digital signal processing that can create very complex warp and other image processing effects.

Christie Virtual Remote App for Andriod Controls M Series and J Series Projectors
By TD Staff · September 4, 2013 • Christie Virtual Remote app for Andriod app provides a Wi-Fi projector control alternative, while maintaining all the capabilities of the standard IR remote.

How to Use Edge-blending with Multiple Projectors
By TD Staff · September 3, 2013 • Download this free Guide - How to Use Edge-blending with Multiple Projectors. Using the latest technologies, creating large projected images on massive screens is now easy with edge blending technologies. Edge blending allows adjacent projected images to be seamlessly overlapped in order to create larger images with a higher number of pixels than would be possible with a single projector. This guide provides what you need to know.

How to Choose the Right Projector for Every Environment
By TD Staff · August 27, 2013 • Download this free guide: How to Choose the Right Projector for Every Environment. Whether you are researching to purchase a video projector for a classroom, meeting room, auditorium, for a mobile presentation or a large venue, this guide will help you understand the new technologies, the terms and the specs.

Lutron Electronics Introduces an LED Version of its Video Conference Indirect Wash Fixture
By TD Staff · June 20, 2013 • Lutron’s new LED Video Conference Indirect Wash Fixture is designed for videoconferencing applications, but it can also be used in areas that could benefit from an indirect, evenly distributed lighting solution.

Epson Makes PowerLite 4000-Series Projectors for Large Venues
By TD Staff · May 29, 2013 • The PowerLite 4650, 4750W, and 4855WU can deliver up to 5,200 lumens.

Optoma Debuts Two Portable 3D Projectors
By TD Staff · May 28, 2013 • Optoma introduced two 3D portable projectors weighing just 3 lbs. Both models, the W304M and the X304M use a Texas Instrument DLP chip, have multiple options for connectivity and include wireless capability. The W304M has 3,100 lumens and the X304M has 3,000 lumens.

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