Wired Microphones: Numerous Quality Options Worthy For Your Church
By Mike Anderson · September 13, 2017 • With the freedom of choice that using wired microphones does give you, it freely allows you to pick among the many microphone options to arrive at will sound best on each source.

Wireless Microphone Systems: Look to Digital; Don’t Wait Until 2020
By David Leuschner · September 5, 2017 • Understanding the wireless spectrum will help you navigate where your new digital units will sit in the new wireless spectrum.

At NAB, Microphones Equal Many Choices
By Andres Caamano · April 26, 2017 • On the second day at the conference in Las Vegas, a number of new products were highlighted by mic manufacturers, along with LED walls, audio consoles and lighting systems.

On Cusp of Anniversary, Church Undergoes Extensive Renovation
By Andres Caamano · April 4, 2017 • Upgrades at New Hampshire church include adding Bose column speakers, Sennheiser microphones and LED lighting.

NAMM 2017: New Products by Sennheiser, Neumann
By TD Staff · January 13, 2017 • Booth performances in Anaheim, Calif., to feature Lucy, Jaq Mackenzie, Marcus Eaton and others.

Most Interesting Worship Tech Director Articles for 2016, Part 2
By Andres Caamano · December 27, 2016 • Take a moment to review a few of the best articles among those submitted by more than 40 writers this year, in the view of Site Editor Andres Caamano.

Wireless Handheld Mics: 11 Systems Worth A Review
By Andres Caamano · October 11, 2016 • With models ranging from those offered by the likes of Gemini and Galaxy Audio to Sennheiser and Shure, quality wireless mic options exist.

For Dual-Ear Mics, These 9 Are Quality Choices
By Andres Caamano · August 10, 2016 • Models offer the benefits of a hands-free microphone, with the added benefit of the microphone being secured on both ears.

In‑Ear Monitors: Hear The Music
By TD Staff · August 10, 2016 • In the interest of having your talent receiving an optimal mix, in-ears often go a long way toward accomplishing that task.

Practical Tips To Help Select The Best Microphone
By Tony Staires · July 22, 2016 • When choosing the right microphone, there are a number of things to consider, such as polar pattern, diaphragm size and type, SPL handling, and budget.

Sound Guy’s Top Tip For Microphone Placement!
By Duke DeJong · July 19, 2016 • That includes first listening for the sweet spot, and then placing the mic in that location.

So Many Choices: Which Wireless System is Right for You?
By Duke DeJong · July 4, 2016 • There are plenty of pros and cons for the various types of wireless systems available on the market these days.

Controlling Drums In The Worship Environment
By David McLain and Jeremy Carter · April 14, 2016 • Remember the main goal: prevent the acoustic sound of the drums from either overpowering the rest of the band, or reverberating around the room.

Time For A Mic Check?
By Andres Caamano · January 20, 2016 • Oftentimes, the solution might be as simple as looking at the microphones that are within inches of the speaker’s mouth.

Product Review of Mobile Connect by Sennheiser at InfoComm
By Lauren Campbell · June 19, 2015 • InfoComm featured many audio, video and lighting companies showcasing their latest and greatest products. Sennheiser demonstrated their Mobile Connect app. Mobile Connect will help your congregants who are visually and/or hearing-impaired be more involved in the service. It will enhance their worship experience and make them feel even more connected to their place of worship.

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