Mixing for Streaming: Account for Differences Between Room, Stream Sound
By Todd Heft · May 3, 2018 • Many components go into a successful livestream: lighting, camera work, lower-thirds, graphics, transitions and audio mixing. The last of these is often overlooked, though, when churches put together a streaming production.

A Quick, Inexpensive Way to Shoot a Great Video Greeting for Your Church
By Karl Vaters · April 6, 2018 • For first-time visitors to your church, show them things like how to get to your church, while showing them the perspective of what they would see first, whether it is your church building, or the church's sign.

Looking to Upgrade Your Cameras from an iPhone to Stream?
By Stefan Svard · February 8, 2018 • A lower resolution three-chip camera can actually render more accurate images to that of a higher resolution single-chip camera when you compare on a pixel-by-pixel resolution.

5 Apps for iOS and Android to Help You Be More Energy Efficient this Winter
By TD Staff · January 22, 2014 • From a vampire power calculator to knowing how much energy your A/V devices consume. These iOS and Android apps will help you save money.

Most Highly Rated Electronics Troubleshooting Apps for AV Techs
By TD Staff · April 25, 2013 • No more second guessing your math when troubleshooting a problematic piece of gear. Circuit Sidekick App for iPhone and iPad and the ElectroDroid Android App are highly recommended for AV technicians

9 Apps for Meeting Spaces
By TD Staff · March 12, 2013 • You will never set up a meeting space the same way again. With these 9 mobile apps, setting up a room has never been easier.

9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps
By TD Staff · February 21, 2013 • There are video chat services for most mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, iPhone, iPads, Android to TMobile, Motorola, Droid, Galaxy, Nexus and many more. Many are even capable of group video chats. Here are some noteworthy and highly rated competitors to the two most popular videoconferencing mobile applications Skype and Apple's FaceTime.

BlackBerry Gets its Crack Back. New BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Smartphones Announced
By TD Staff · February 8, 2013 • BlackBerry gets its crack back. New BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphones announced. Known as the first smartphone for serious business users, BlackBerry became popularly known as "CrackBerry," but iPhones and Android phones have eroded its popularity. The new BlackBerry 10 operating system and the Z10 and Q10 smartphones hold the key to BlackBerry's future. With a new interface with features such as Balance, Flow and the Hub these new phones should help keep the loyal base of enterprise business users.

8 Helpful iPhone Apps for Audio Analysis
By TD Staff · February 1, 2013 • Don't just rely on your ear, use these smartphone apps to check audio levels.

7 Vital Time Management Smartphone Apps
By TD Staff · January 7, 2013 • These smartphone and tablet iPhone and Android apps will leave you wondering how you used to get by without them.

The Rise of Online Giving
By Aaron Stern · December 19, 2012 • Churches are increasingly turning to mobile apps and on-site kiosks to make it easier than ever for their congregants to donate.

8 Easy Mobile Apps for Hard Calculations
By TD Staff · October 4, 2012 • These iOS iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone and tablet apps will make crucial mathematical equation calculations a breeze.

Reduce Help Desk Calls - 6 Great A/V Equipment Smartphone Apps
By TD Staff · October 4, 2012 • Cut down on help desk calls. Download these Android or iPhone apps to help your employees use A/V equipment.

How to Use QR Codes in Digital Signage
By Aaron Stern · September 25, 2012 • QR codes have made their way into digital signage. Follow these three rules to ensure their successful implementation into your digital signage network.

5 Apps to Help You Be More Energy Efficient
By TD Staff · July 18, 2012 • From a vampire power calculator to knowing how much energy your A/V devices consume. These iPhone and Android apps will help you save money.

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