Service Planning Tools That Fit Within Your Church’s Budget
By Kirk Denson · December 6, 2017 • The resources available today have dramatically advanced just about every aspect of worship service planning in recent years.

Powersoft to Roll Out Software, App, Training Sessions at InfoComm
By TD Staff · May 30, 2017 • Conference attendees to have an opportunity to earn certification renewal credits while learning how to design and specify fixed install systems, using DSP integrated Class D power amplifiers.

Using Linux to Power Your Church’s Media Servers
By Todd Heft · January 30, 2017 • Linux, as a free, open source operating system, offers a number of software options, along with stability, which are two key values for a church tech team.

Lighting Consoles: What To Know Before Buying One For Your Church
By Kevin Penrod · July 5, 2016 • When looking at the options for a new console, think toward the now, but don't ignore the future.

Final Cut Pro X Tips for Small Teams
By Chris New · May 24, 2016 • A few options are available for those on a nonprofit budget when looking to get the most out of Final Cut Pro X.

Why Use Video in Church Ministry?
By Jennifer Johnson · February 9, 2016 • No matter what direction you decide to take with using video in your church, keep in mind how important it is to help nurture relationships in your ministry.

Church On The Move Enhances Worship Message With Renewed Vision ProPresenter
By TD Staff · July 1, 2015 • Church on The Move, a large non-denominational church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is enhancing its message of spirituality and hope with Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter lyric and media presentation software. The flexible, intuitive and affordable software allows church members to easily present high-quality multimedia from dozens of computer workstations, supporting the production of live weekly services, on-demand television, and live streaming content over the Internet.

Display For MLA Series Now Faster, Easier And More Powerful
By TD Staff · April 20, 2015 • Martin Audio has announced a significant upgrade to Display™, the software brain of the MLA Series. Display is the numerical optimization process that eliminates lengthy trial-and-error tuning sessions, so that an MLA Series system achieves the required audience coverage straight out of the box.

Featured Product: Piksel Faith Digital Signage DS4
By TD Staff · February 2, 2015 • Piksel Faith’s DS4 is an online digital signage solution purposely built and specifically designed to display daily multimedia content with simultaneous downloads of new and updated content.

3 Key Change Management Tips for ChMS Implementations
By Deborah Wipf · January 14, 2015 • Switching your software solution is much more involved than just converting data between systems. Here are some practical tips for making the change.

ETC Introduces New Changes to the Eos Lighting-Control Family
By TD Staff · November 18, 2014 • ETC Eos-family controls have set the bar for professional-quality lighting around the globe. Now ETC is raising that bar even higher with expanded control outputs, new portable controllers, lowered pricing and a powerful new software package.

HARMAN’s Martin Professional Introduces P3 System Controller Software Version 3.1.0
By TD Staff · October 28, 2014 • HARMAN’s Martin Professional introduces P3 System Controller Software version 3.1.0 with improved presets and fixture placement tools.

Featured Product: Seraphim Software
By TD Staff · September 11, 2014 • Seraphim is designed to maximize your outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and guests. Sharing between the ministry leadership team, church congregation and visitors becomes not just easy, but exciting, rewarding and valuable. Seraphim's focus on easy reporting, spectacular dashboards and powerful analytics set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

What’s New for Worship in 2014?
By TD Staff · August 18, 2014 • If you're not singing out of hymnals, you're reading lyrics off a screen. There are all sorts of tech products to make your worship projection run right--here are the best of this year's new products.

Putting the Digital Signage Team Together
By Perry Goldstein · February 10, 2014 • Developing a team for digital signage needs to start before installation. Your team will include your integrator, your digital signage champion, your content manager and your IT department.

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