Microphones: Resonance, Rhythm and Reverberation
By Adrian Gates · May 1, 2018 • Somewhere, you’ll find a place that captures the sound of the musical note the best. Start by putting your mic there. You might still move it around a little afterwards, but it’s a good place to begin.

Sound Reinforcement Systems: Research Key to Matching Needs to Space
By David Bonilla · December 4, 2017 • For churches, a problem often can arise from the thought that in areas where there are dead spots, to "just put some speakers in this spot to fill in the lack of volume."

Microphone Techniques To Get Great Electric Guitar Sound
By Barry Rudolph · September 4, 2017 • A good guitar sound starts with a good player with the right amp and guitar all working together. It’s unrealistic to rely on an engineer to make poor gear sound wonderful in the control room.

Thinking of Recording Your Services? Consider These Factors
By Ralph Hicks · August 17, 2016 • When planning to go with video, start by seeking the best sound quality that you can afford.

Searching for an Audio Console? 8 Models Worth A Look
By Andres Caamano · February 23, 2016 • Check out these various console models that feature 22 input channels to 64 channels.

10 Mixing Lies You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself
By Chris Huff · February 11, 2016 • There are the lies that you tell yourself over and over. You don’t learn. You can’t move on. Your work suffers.

Don’t Let the Sound System Upstage Your Services
By Steven Durr · December 18, 2015 • The wealth of features in digital technology available to the sound person is breeding a poverty of skills and, in turn, negatively affecting the emotional aspect of the services.

A Matter Of Delay: Getting To The Essence Of Effects In Your Church System
By Curt Taipale · December 17, 2015 • Understanding the principles at work with altering sound via the touch of a button in today's digital age.

Top Audio Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Is purchasing a digital mixer a move that’s best for your church?

Grace Community Church Upgrades Worship Experience With Hitachi Projector
By Lauren Campbell · July 21, 2015 • Grace Community Church needed an upgrade to their projector system. The standard 2,500 lumen they had been using was starting to lose its life, making images dull and hard to see for the congregants in attendance.

Willow Creek Community Church Adds Meyer Sound JM-1P and 1100-LFC for Two Campuses
By TD Staff · May 11, 2015 • Willow Creek Community Church has recently expanded its arsenal of Meyer Sound systems with JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers and 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements for two of its facilities.

Church Sound: Advice For New Tech Artists
By TD Staff · January 30, 2015 • The life of a church tech can be crazy, but the best of them have one particular trait in common.

Church Sound: Audio Requirements For Portable Church
By David MacLain · January 23, 2015 • System characteristics that are a priority for portable churches.

Church Sound: That Extra 10 Percent Really Matters
By Gary Zandstra · January 16, 2015 • Why do so many churches talk about middle of the road when it comes to system upgrades?

Church Sound: Everything You Need To Know About Mic Splitters
By Al Keltz · January 9, 2015 • As your sound system expands, it will eventually be necessary to provide additional mixes from locations other than the main mix position. Here's what you need to know about mic splitters.

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