Keys to Reaching People With IMAG: Engage Your Audience
By Duke DeJong · April 17, 2018 • For video to be an effective, natural part of the experience you’re creating for your audience, you must find the delicate balance of placing them where they can effectively support what is happening in your service.

Short-Throw, WXGA Might Be The Right Match For Your Church
By Andres Caamano · January 10, 2017 • In some tight worship spaces, a short-throw projector could be the only option for a projector. And WXGA is a great cost-effective option as well.

WTD Guide To 2-Way Line Array Speakers
By TD Staff · February 19, 2016 • If your worship space might be in need of line array speakers, here is info on eight models that can help you toward making the right decision.

A Guide To 3-Way Line Array Speakers
By TD Staff · February 19, 2016 • If you are in the market for three-way line array speakers, here is a glimpse at seven models that could serve your needs within your worship space.

Time For A Mic Check?
By Andres Caamano · January 20, 2016 • Oftentimes, the solution might be as simple as looking at the microphones that are within inches of the speaker’s mouth.

2-Way Line Array Speaker Lineup for Your Church — Update
By Andres Caamano · January 6, 2016 • It's been three years, so we here at Worship Tech Director figured it was time to offer our readers an update on two-way line array speaker systems, with models from Adamson, Alcons Audio, db audio, Electro-Voice, EM Acoustics, Grund Audio, JBL, and Renkus Heinz part of this feature.

Top Audio Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Is purchasing a digital mixer a move that’s best for your church?

Avid Expands Partner Ecosystem with New Connectivity Partner Audinate
By TD Staff · April 13, 2015 • Avid® announced that media networking manufacturer Audinate® has joined the Avid Connectivity Partner Program, further expanding the partner ecosystem of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Fulcrum Acoustic Offers TQ Support for Ashly Products
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the integration of support for the company's Temporal Equalization with select Ashly DSP-based products.

Church Sound: Audio Requirements For Portable Church
By David MacLain · January 23, 2015 • System characteristics that are a priority for portable churches.

Featured Product: ETX Powered Loudspeakers
By TD Staff · December 15, 2014 • The new ETX Powered Loudspeaker family builds upon the 85-year heritage of Electro-Voice audio engineering to offer these advanced professional powered loudspeakers — a versatile, compact and high-performance choice for house of worship applications.

d&b Elevates Eastbrook Church Audio Systems
By TD Staff · December 4, 2014 • SPS upgraded sound systems in four different spaces at Eastbrook Church in Milwaukee with d&b audiotechnick products.

RCF Introduces EVOX Series Portable P.A.
By TD Staff · November 20, 2014 • RCF's EVOX portable PA system is designed for ease of transport and storage.

WorxAudio Technologies Helps Inspire Worshippers at Northeast Worship Institute 2014
By TD Staff · November 6, 2014 • First-rate speech intelligibility and excellent dispersion prove ideal.

What New Churches Need for Tech Success
By Bryan Gowing · October 15, 2014 • Do it right the first time and avoid the "inventive" systems cobbled together by well-meaning folks.

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