Short-Throw, WXGA Might Be The Right Match For Your Church
By Andres Caamano · January 10, 2017 • In some tight worship spaces, a short-throw projector could be the only option for a projector. And WXGA is a great cost-effective option as well.

WTD Guide To 2-Way Line Array Speakers
By TD Staff · February 19, 2016 • If your worship space might be in need of line array speakers, here is info on eight models that can help you toward making the right decision.

A Guide To 3-Way Line Array Speakers
By TD Staff · February 19, 2016 • If you are in the market for three-way line array speakers, here is a glimpse at seven models that could serve your needs within your worship space.

Time For A Mic Check?
By Andres Caamano · January 20, 2016 • Oftentimes, the solution might be as simple as looking at the microphones that are within inches of the speaker’s mouth.

2-Way Line Array Speaker Lineup for Your Church — Update
By Andres Caamano · January 6, 2016 • It's been three years, so we here at Worship Tech Director figured it was time to offer our readers an update on two-way line array speaker systems, with models from Adamson, Alcons Audio, db audio, Electro-Voice, EM Acoustics, Grund Audio, JBL, and Renkus Heinz part of this feature.

Top Audio Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Is purchasing a digital mixer a move that’s best for your church?

Avid Expands Partner Ecosystem with New Connectivity Partner Audinate
By TD Staff · April 13, 2015 • Avid® announced that media networking manufacturer Audinate® has joined the Avid Connectivity Partner Program, further expanding the partner ecosystem of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Fulcrum Acoustic Offers TQ Support for Ashly Products
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the integration of support for the company's Temporal Equalization with select Ashly DSP-based products.

Church Sound: Audio Requirements For Portable Church
By David MacLain · January 23, 2015 • System characteristics that are a priority for portable churches.

Featured Product: ETX Powered Loudspeakers
By TD Staff · December 15, 2014 • The new ETX Powered Loudspeaker family builds upon the 85-year heritage of Electro-Voice audio engineering to offer these advanced professional powered loudspeakers — a versatile, compact and high-performance choice for house of worship applications.

d&b Elevates Eastbrook Church Audio Systems
By TD Staff · December 4, 2014 • SPS upgraded sound systems in four different spaces at Eastbrook Church in Milwaukee with d&b audiotechnick products.

RCF Introduces EVOX Series Portable P.A.
By TD Staff · November 20, 2014 • RCF's EVOX portable PA system is designed for ease of transport and storage.

WorxAudio Technologies Helps Inspire Worshippers at Northeast Worship Institute 2014
By TD Staff · November 6, 2014 • First-rate speech intelligibility and excellent dispersion prove ideal.

What New Churches Need for Tech Success
By Bryan Gowing · October 15, 2014 • Do it right the first time and avoid the "inventive" systems cobbled together by well-meaning folks.

Martin Audio MLA Mini Lifts Spirits At IDC Church
By TD Staff · September 15, 2014 • Inspirational Deliverance Center Chicago chose Martin Audio system for sanctuary sound.

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