TechDecisions Guide to 6 Game Changing, Affordable Multi-format Video Switchers
By Frederick J. Ampel · January 15, 2014 • This guide shows a selection of affordable multi-format video switchers with universal input capability and flexibility needed to handle just about every conceivable format, and also produce outputs to meet almost any display or projection device’s requirements, has become available for well under $10,000. In fact Roland's V40HD lists for $4,495. Each will help you make showing any presentation format possible and at a very low cost compared to even last year.

HP Compaq Elite 8300 All-In-One PC Review
By Jim Kumorek · December 4, 2013 • Not at all a stranger to the AIO market, HP has introduced its Compaq Elite 8300 AIO system.

TV One Introduces CORIOmaster Mini
By Lisa Nadile · June 11, 2013 • All-in-one videowall processor to be on display at InfoComm 2013

Is 4K Ready for Your Prime Time?
By André Floyd · June 11, 2013 • The 4K format is starting to appear in areas where large screens are being used and in applications where the wow factor is important to an organization. 4K is defined as a generation of video technology beyond the 1920 x 1080 resolution of HDTV. The high-end signage has smoother edges, crisper images and improved bigger pictures. Current users include Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center and the Mirage Hotel and Casino Race and Sports Book, yet there are applications for nearly any organization.

CI & TD Integration 2013 Worship Award Winner
By Dan Daley · June 10, 2013 • Crosspoint Church wanted to both engage new audiences in person and create the highest quality video possible to feed into the other campuses. With an ever-growing online audience who tune in to the live broadcast every Sunday, Crosspoint definitely had a need to take production to the next level. At the same time, however, they also understood the need to manage their resources carefully.

Understanding the Costs of Digital Signage
By Daniel Dern · May 27, 2013 • Pricing your digital signage plan properly means you have to have a grasp of the hardware, software, installation and labor costs. In addition, managing an on-going project and content creation strategy both have a cost. Budget accordingly.

Essentials of A/V Design
By Sharon Fisher · April 5, 2013 • The Essentials of A/V Design are more than just a schedule on a piece of paper. That is important, but planning the room, planning the products, planning the installation and planning the maintenance are all part of a successful A/V system installation.

The Cathedral of Faith Moves Its Message Higher With HD
By Dan Daley · March 27, 2013 • The Cathedral of Faith tapped Spectaveris to help it with its A/V upgrade. The churches goal is to provide leading technology to keep pace with the technology its parishioners use. To do this the church recently upgraded to HD. They now have five Hitachi SK-HD1000-TX1 production cameras and use a FOR-A’s HVS-350HS switcher to go with two control panels and two multi-viewers.

Explaining A/V and IT Convergence Today
By Julie Knudson · March 17, 2013 • How AV and IT convergence takes A/V to the network.

Including Streaming Media in Digital Signage Content
By Daniel P. Dern · March 1, 2013 • Using video in your digital signage is something many content management systems will support. Video can be used by any market segment and is something that not only are viewers used to, but they’re beginning to expect it. The key is to make the video useful and something viewers will value.

Coping with A/V Installation Project Management
By Joy Zaccaria · February 13, 2013 • Managing your A/V project, whether an upgrade or a new installation, means you have to know exactly who is performing what task and when. A clear schedule and knowledge of what people will do during the project is key to a smooth installation.

Transforming Your Church To HD Video
By Dan Daley · February 6, 2013 • With just its in-house staff, the Cove Church transitioned to HD video without any downtime. They use a Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 2 M/E Video Control Center to produce image magnification (I-MAG) for its main location during services, as well as simultaneously stream its services live on the Web and share the live video feed with the church’s three campuses.

How Microsoft Uses Digital Signage for Internal Promotion and Communication
By Daniel Dern · January 24, 2013 • With a digital signage project that spreads across the world, Microsoft has found a way to provide consistent, high-quality messaging that extends from the boardroom to the lobby to the cafeteria.

Gefen Debuts the Gefen ToolBox 1:8 Splitter for HDMI
By TechDecisions · January 23, 2013 • Gefen’s HDMI splitter takes one input and sends the signal to up to eight HDTV displays.

What You Can Expect from AV/IT Integration
By Julie Knudson · January 14, 2013 • Setting aside more conventional cost-benefit analysis templates, what can enterprises really expect from integration efforts?

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