Technical Director

Role of an Audio Director: Setting Standards, Supervising, Communicating
By Brad Duryea · March 2, 2018 • Good relationships between the worship team and the audio team are so very important, and they smooth the way to achieving a great worship service.

Service Planning: Avoiding the Chaos of Last-Minute Service Changes
By Todd Heft · January 5, 2018 • As a technical leader, you need to be able to say "no" on a Sunday morning. While it is never a comfortable position, changes to service should not be done last minute (with a couple of exceptions).

Volunteers and Audio: Do they Mix?
By Michael Scott · June 30, 2017 • Many churches think their situation demands a professional, when truly there are many faithful people in the church willing to be trained to serve as a volunteer.

Ministry Recruiting: An Amazing, Militant Process
By Gregory Kayne · March 8, 2017 • Recruiting volunteers to do anything requires the perfect mix of relationship and purpose.

Volunteer Recruitment: Begin By Stewarding Your Team
By Justin Firesheets · March 1, 2017 • As tempting as it might be, avoid looking to stick potential volunteers into a team's most gaping holes that are desperate to be filled, instead of where they could be slotted to fit their desire or gifting.

Useful Tips For A Church Video Director
By Nathan VonMinden · May 19, 2016 • F.A.T. people are Faithful, Available and Teachable. Make sure the person you choose as a team leader has all three traits.

What is the Role of A Video Director in A Worship Setting?
By Kirk Denson · May 11, 2016 • Directing a crew to project an image with deference to both the congregation and also remote, broadcast locations is key to the position.

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The March-April 2018 issue of Worship Facilities Magazine offers articles about how to prepare, prevent and respond to church violence, a look into what church management software can do for your church community, and a piece on how a once popular nightclub venue was transitioned to become Shoreline Church's new home.

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