DMX Control: In Planning System, Look to IP, Wireless As Options
By David Leuschner · February 9, 2018 • With the DMX protocol, there are so many possibilities, ranging from controlling video servers to your effect devices, and much more.

Wireless Microphone Systems: Look to Digital; Don’t Wait Until 2020
By David Leuschner · September 5, 2017 • Understanding the wireless spectrum will help you navigate where your new digital units will sit in the new wireless spectrum.

Galaxy Introduces Affordable Wireless Personal Monitor System Prior to InfoComm
By TD Staff · June 7, 2017 • New personal monitor by Galaxy offers an array of features and efficient use of battery power, with the AS-1400R bodypack operating on up to seven hours of AA batteries.

Anchor Audio to Debut Portable, Battery-Powered, Wireless Line Arrays at InfoComm
By TD Staff · June 6, 2017 • Live demonstrations of Bigfoot and Beacon AIR systems to be held at trade show in Orlando, June 14-16.

Five Levels Of Personal Monitoring Systems
By Chris Huff · August 11, 2016 • Systems come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. So how do we decide which is best?

The Microphone And The Human!
By Gabriel Antonini · July 27, 2016 • Churches don't have perfect acoustics and some congregants might have hearing issues, making it imperative that the acquisition of a microphone be a premium one.

Avlex And MIPRO Deployed At Auburn Grace Community Church
By TD Staff · June 2, 2015 • At a time when so much content—be it music, video or information—is almost instantly accessible, the process of holding one’s attention becomes increasingly challenging. For the worship market, keeping the congregation engaged has resulted in the ever-expanding use of audiovisual technologies. With the proliferation of praise bands and vocal teams, the need for a high level of speech intelligibility and natural sounding music reproduction is greater than ever. After all, if the congregation can’t hear or understand what’s taking place, the message is lost. To address these issues at their own facility, Auburn Grace Community Church recently deployed a sizeable arsenal of wireless microphone technology from Avlex Corporation.

Highland Baptist Church Installs New Earthworks High Definition 40kHz Podium Microphone
By TD Staff · May 21, 2015 • A few years ago an Earthworks FMR600 FlexMic podium microphone was purchased for Highland Baptist Church, which improved the clarity issue, and speaking at the sides of the microphone was no longer a problem. No matter where the orator moved, every word could be heard clearly and distinctly.

Most Powerful Portable PA System to Launch at InfoComm 2015
By TD Staff · May 8, 2015 • The concept for the Bigfoot Line Array, a turnkey system, of this sound pressure level (SPL) and wattage stemmed from multiple requests from Anchor Audio’s customer and dealer network to deliver a portable sound system that can be heard across a football field, over military trainings and provide a portable sound solution for large events.

DPA Microphones Stars in ‘Keyboards and Carols at Christmas’ Event
By TD Staff · December 10, 2014 • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary once again relies on DPA microphones for its holiday performance featuring 13 grand pianos and five soloists.

Cinema Culture: New Multimedia in a Repurposed Space
By Jeremy Mika · September 8, 2014 • When Lifesong Church moved from a portable theater church to a permanent facility, they made sure to maintain the high-quality multimedia experience that their attendees had always enjoyed.

What Four Wireless Mistakes Are You Making?
By Chris Huff · September 3, 2014 • Common problems that get sound techs in trouble with wireless systems.

Audio System Upgrade at St. Madeleine Sophie Church
By TD Staff · August 6, 2014 • Modern architecture made for a difficult acoustic space...but St. Madeleine Sophie Church found a solution.

One Church Creates a “Portable” House of Worship to Continue Services During Renovations
By Dan Daley · June 2, 2014 • See how Calvary Church minimized disruptions to church services during an AV renovation by repurposing older equipment.

A Temporary Church Builds Towards A Permanent Future
By Dan Daley · May 19, 2014 • See the AV technology that has turned Falls Church into a "portable" house of worship as it searches for a more permanent home.

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